Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Fifteen Months

(Photo from March, when J got his ear tubes inserted. We think it has made a noticeable difference!)

Because I enjoy jinxing myself, it's been a nice recent several days that our now-15-month-old son has been sleeping through the night. Nice because for the several days prior to that he had not. We noticed the other day that he had new molars on the bottom row of gums, which may have been a cause for his waking up. Also, he developed bronchitis (again) and got conjunctivitis (pink eye) while we were in Portland the other weekend for our god son's third birthday. Who knows how long that was percolating before rearing it's goopy head.

While J-boy has many typical tendencies for a kid his age, it's been really fun watching these developments in person, with my own child. He asks for things, sometimes using the couple baby signs we taught him, and can do simple tasks like putting his dirty clothes in his laundry basket or tossing out trash/recycling. This isn't to say he "listens" but he obliges when he is interested. Any request involving the words "Don't" or "No" are ignored, of course. He loves books; one of my favorite things he does is hand me or my wife a book he wants read and then sits on the floor in front of you to listen.

I'll try to be more current in posting his developments, not only to give out the updates, but also to keep up this journal in the hopes someone is actually reading it. I enjoy the writing practice and I enjoy writing about the boy. While these past 15 months have shown me levels of frustration and impatience in myself I had hoped never to see, it's nice to realize that we might actually be decent parents (so far) and have our son heading in the right direction, developmentally. And I do have to tip my hat to his day care, too, and of course, our family and friends (or the wife will chastise me for not doing so instead of taking the lion's share of credit).