Monday, October 27, 2008


Starting last week, after returning from my trip, I've been feeling pretty lousy. What started off as a sore throat now has turned into a cold with a stuffy nose and a lot of lethargy. It has soured my mood and made me a pain to be around at times. I guess it gave me writer's block, too, since this is my first post in about a week.

I've been starting to wonder: How does one who is ill and not feeling "up to it" take care of a baby/child who needs me to be at the ready 24/7? Everything I've been reading has ignored this situation, and given the penchant for kids getting sick from other kids and/or day care, etc., it seems to be an important issue.

I don't know what I did to get my current cold except the plane ride. From what I remember, there wasn't a lot of coughing/sneezing but obviously there are germs everywhere on a plane. My doctor told me a new strain of flu was going around (as I was getting my flu shot), which is also bothersome, but I haven't seen anyone at work who was ailing. I guess it doesn't matter; I have it and now I need to recuperate.

My wife says I'm a big baby when I'm sick, which is probably true. I told her last night I just get so disappointed that I'm illin' and it really makes me upset. So I act out and get really moody, which I know isn't fun. But today was the realization (finally) that a little person will be coming soon who will depend on me/us and I will have to get over myself and take care of him. I've been so self-centered for so long that it will a slap in the face when the reality hits. I look forward to it, actually, because I believe I will finally be able to feel some compassion and show some emotion towards something other than my own interests.

So please let me know how YOU coped with feeling down, out, sick, hurt, pissed, pooped, etc., and putting that aside to care for your needy child. Did you sweep it under the rug? Were you truthful to your older kids about how you feel or did you say you were okay, that nothing was wrong? How did you find time to care for yourself?


Sheryl said...

Sorry to hear you're feeling sick, it sucks! Watch this video, it explains everything about what you're feeling, and please, share it with Angela:

As for what to do when you're feeling sick and you've got a kid....there's nothing you can do. You go on with your job of taking care of the baby/child and your needs are secondary. I wish there was a better answer. Molly is nearly 6 and while I tell her when I'm not feeling well, I still need to put 3 square meals a day on the table and play with her. I'm fighting the same cold that has gone around my family for 3 weeks and damn it if she still doesn't want me to read to her, play games, cook, bake, take her to school...sniff, cough, sniff...

KMT said...

I enjoyed reading this, as I remember this as an issue near and dear to my heart, pre-girls. :)

It's tough enough when you're feeling crappy. I tend to be a bit miserable when I'm really sick, as I just don't like not feeling like 'myself', more than anything. Couple that with the need to take care of another person, and it truly does suck. Even though there are moments when you really do have to suck it up, I've found that when I need some quiet time to recouperate, I will find something equally quiet to do with the kids (i.e. a favorite movie, coloring books, letting them 'read' me a book). It helps to remind yourself that you won't be sick forever, too. :)

If I truly wave the white flag (which fortunately I have not been that down in a long time...must be all those 'kid germs' building up my immune system :)), I am lucky that my husband is pretty awesome that way; I have reinforcements. I'm sure you and your wife will work out that aspect when the time comes. In the meantime, keep your germs to yourself, stock up on Airborne, drink plenty of fluids and wash your hands.

Oh, and stop being such a big baby...there's only room for one now. ;)