Thursday, September 25, 2008

Kickin' It

The past few days my wife has told me that the boy has been moving around a lot inside her belly. I take this as a good sign, obviously, meaning he's there and checking out his reflexes. I'm really happy he's developing and getting bigger.

I'm still getting the full-court pressure to talk to him (or talk to my wife's belly) but I have hang-ups about the practice. I feel I want to talk to him in there but for some reason still think it's too early for it to make a difference. I guess because I'm not carrying him around I have a bit less of a connection to him so far. Before I leave my wife for the day and before we go to sleep, I rub her belly and say a word or two, but I have not yet been able to read to him or carry on a chat. When considering the steps of pregnancy we would go through together I did picture myself talking to her belly, but in my head she's at like 8 months or so. I know the urge will come on stronger and I will find things to talk about with him. Books tell us to read the paper to him, just so he gets used to the voice, though with our countries current issues, I wouldn't want to scare him!

On a related noted, I asked my wife the other night to not let the heavy book she was reading (yes, a baby book) sit on her belly because I thought it would be pressing onto the little guy inside. Granted, she had the book quite low but while the book was on there the baby moved, and I felt it was trying to make some room for itself since it's womb was being pressed. This caused her to laugh and she tried to assure me it wasn't being crushed. While I tend to agree and I might have been being a bit facetious, I"m still curious if anyone knows more about this. Can pushing on the belly impact (not literally) the baby? Obviously if a woman takes a terrible fall the baby might be affected, but I'm more curious about simple pressing. Anyone have a thought?


Surfer Jay said...

I've been reading your blog for a few weeks now. And I can't help feel like I'm reliving all my thoughts during our pregnancy through yours. So many things you have been going through I also did. Like this post. I also felt that i would talk to my boy in the womb, bu tthen when it came down to it, I was thinking, ehhh whats the point. I hadn't even read to him untill three months old, now hes four. Good luck! Oh and Mozart makes them smarter.

Anonymous said...

God designed the female body pretty darn well -- from a medical perspective, the baby is darn well protected, such that books, laptops, even the pressure from an amorous daddy-to-be wouldn't hurt the little guy ;-)