Wednesday, September 10, 2008

To See or Not to See

Last night I prompted a short discussion about some things I read regarding watching the baby make its initial entry (exit?) into the world from my wife's pootenanny. I was worried that if I left her side to go see the big show, she would feel left out or maybe unsupported, while I was the first between us to see our new kid. I know some places have a mirror set up so the woman can watch, too, and maybe our hospital will have that. It would be a great event to witness together, in my opinion.

From what I read, the experience is something that will stick with you for a lifetime. I'm sure that can be taken a few ways... One, I could see it as the (over)dramatic "miracle of life" and be floored (not literally) by the experience. Two, I could be horrified by seeing how the woman's body changes to allow a child to be birth and forever turned off by the sight of it (even after it returns to its natural, flowery look). Or third, I could be literally floored by seeing the action and pass out.

I'd like to think, as my wife does, that I will want to watch the baby exit. At least for now, I can't see myself getting too grossed out by what is happening to her body to make room for the kid, nor be worried how I'll feel about that area afterward.

I do, however, need to know what I can/should be doing when looking over the doctor's shoulder. Should I be filming or photographing it? I doubt the wife will want photos of that area being put up on the internets for family and friends to gawk at, so that's out. I guess it's just something to behold and relive through storytelling, just like it should be anyway.


Anonymous said...

I don't want to watch, but I want you to experience it (as long as you don't pass out!). Photos/video are ok, so long as they are from an angle that doesn't expose too much.

-Mommy in Waiting

Anonymous said...

it's an amazing thing to literally took my breath away with amazement...and no worries about passing out. I did opt for the tripod video of the entire experience, but as anon shared -- from a discrete ANGLE that kept the private things private.

kmt said...

I actually ended up having C-sections, which wasn't the end of the world, but the first time was emergent, and that was really frightening. Not at all the 'pushing while holding the husband's hand' image I'd romanticized about for 9+ months. My husband actually wanted to watch the which time I quickly grabbed his arm and pulled him down to my level, swearing that I could see what was 'happening to me' in the reflection of his eyes and I would kill him if he did that again. :) But then the baby is born, and you forget everything else. :)

When the time comes, you'll know what you want to do, and I'd bet you won't soon forget it, with or without media. Might be a good idea to keep the expensive camera away from the birthing area though...could get messy. ;)