Thursday, August 14, 2008

Items We Love So Far

Here's a short list of baby items we've seen and/or bought that we love!

The wife's new baby diaper bag:

The bag is "glazed" for easy cleaning, and comes with several pockets and a zip-out baby changing pad. The shoulder strap is shaped so it fits a woman's shoulder and doesn't dig into the arm pits. It is gender neutral so it can be used with a baby boy or girl. Personally, I like it, but wouldn't feel comfortable walking around town with it. Instead, I'll be using this, the Diaper Dude:

Great feeding spoon, makes for a perfect gift:

We love this spoon because it seems to be a bit simpler for feeding and hopefully aids in keeping our place clean (if not the baby). You basically just load it with the baby food and squeeze out the amount you want from the grip into the attached spoon. Simple! We got a couple of them so we can even store some leftover food in it instead of transferring the food back and forth between it and the jar.

Amy Coe items at Babies "R" Us:

Amy Coe blends modern and classic in affordable and useful products. She has created a bevvy of nursery items from furniture to wall hangings. We love it because a lot of it is gender neutral but would easily blend in with the traditional colors of a boy or girl. She's also extended her collection to apparel and gifts.

We love sleek and modern baby items, but also love classic toys and books. We picked this up at the modern art museum in San Francisco:

I can't wait to read this one to the baby:

This is from a book series that has little finger puppets attached to the book so as the story rolls along you can "act" as the animal and help keep the child's interest. My wife thinks this is perfect for me since I enjoy (maybe more than the kids) making sound effects and comical voices with stuffed animals, so this should be right up my alley.

And any of these Rockabye Baby albums seem really fun:

All your favorite bands are represented in this collection of lullaby music, which takes popular bands' songs and makes them into tunes for babies. From Metallica to Bob Marley, this is a fun way for kids and parents to enjoy lullabies that aren't the same old "classics."

By the way, these are NOT gift ideas for us, ha ha. These are just things we like, as well as my first opportunity to make my blog more informative and highlight products or news that is relevant. Please let me know YOUR favorite baby things, too!


pmoshay said...
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Sheryl said...

Oh, my...the spoon has to go! Can you return them? Seriously, go to target and by lots of little pyrex bowls and the cheapest gerber baby spoons you can. Our two little ones have been eating solids for only a few short weeks, and we use a couple of spoons and bowls at each feeding. The baby is used to warm foods/liquids (either formula or breast milk wich comes out at a nice 98.6) so you also gently heat the foods (which you won't be able to do if they're stuck in the spoon) and many babies eat kinda slow at first so you'll have to reheat the food too. Plus, once they start doing the foods, you have a few different ones going at once - for instance, Lacey got rice cereal, apples, pears and sweet potatoes tonight for dinner. I used one spoon, but 2 bowls (rice cereal in one and pears/apples/sweet pots in the other). I can't imagine using that many spoons.

Just my 2 cents! love the diaper bag thought, very chic.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the "feeding" feedback, Sheryl. We appreciate all the adivce we can get!

Just to clarify, we intend to use the spoon more for travel and feeding outside the home. We've seen our friends struggle to juggle bowls and spoons and babyfood jars while out at dinner and it's a big to-do. We figure this spoon will allow us to pack less items in our diaper bag and make feeding the child out in public a little less of a struggle.

-mommy in waiting

Sheryl said...

Good point about feeding out in public with the spoons, I hadn't thought of that! I guess I need to get out to dinner more often!