Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Making the First Cut

Wifey asked me the other night if I would be "cutting the cord," which refers to the umbilical cord and not the power cord to my beloved TV. As with so many other aspects of this whole endeavor, this was not something I had yet to think about. I'm still getting used to the wife's hormonal changes and keeping my foot out of my mouth. And now this decision...

I am still trying to picture the whole delivery room scenario in my head. Me getting my hand crunched by the wife as she pushes and breathes a lot is the clearest image so far. The husband of a great couple we like recently told us how he watched his son exit from his wife, and that image sort of tripped me up (not the image of his wife but ME watching MINE!). I'm not really faint of heart, at least that I know of, but mostly movie blood/guts, not the real deal.

So not only now can I possibly watch my child making the grand appearance, but I might be able to cut the umbilical cord afterwards (subject to hospital rules). What does the doctor and staff do with all the $$ charged for this?? Anyway, I will have to pontificate more about these new possibilities. This isn't something my dad endured, I'm sure of it. I guess I can picture myself cutting the cord, though I'll feel like a drunk Mohel at a Bris (look it up, or see Seinfeld): more than a tad nervous about hurting the brand new baby.

Watching the baby being born seems trickier, especially if I am to be the moral support for the wife as she's pushing. Can someone help me with the logistics? I would give it a glance, sure, since I'm not yet positive we can bring in cameras to the festivities, haha.


Sheryl said...

I can't help you with personal experience of the whole "coaching" thing, I had two c-sections. Dave was in the room for both, but up by my head, not watching the action. Actually, with Lacey he did peak over the drape and see what was going on, which I thought was very brave of him! Although the cord was already cut and they were over across the room with the nurses, he did go over and cut some of the cord off. I think he liked it. Now, I was one of the labor coaches for my sister's first delivery with Greta and that With Zelda she had to have a c-section, Zelda was breech. Her deliver was lightening fast though, her water broke at 9pm and she delivered Greta at 1am. By the time we reached the hospital she was 7cm dilated and almost ready to push. We had done the whole class telling us how to do this, and she wanted no epidural, so we just helped her keep focus, and when it came to pushing we held her legs and holy sh*t there was the baby. It was amazing and I'm so thankful to have shared that. i wasn't sure I could handle it but the moment just takes over and you'd be surprised at what you can do. I'm very excited for you both. When do you have the "big" ultrasound again?

Capstone Spring 2008 said...

I watched the whole thing without flinching. This from a guy who hates blood, viscous, and can't even stand watching an injection.

I was so excited, I wanted to film every moment, but I swore a blood oath to my wife that I can tape and snap picts to my heart's content, right until delivery time.

I reluctantly agreed, but I would have missed helping the doctor deliver our baby if I hadn't put down the Sony- so, in retrospect, I am grateful I obeyed.

I cut the cord too. Its not like cutting through paper either; its quite meaty, and you gotta put some muscle behind it!