Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Ho Ho Etc

Daddy and Mommy in Waiting would like to wish all our readers, near and far, a very Merry Christmas. For our friends trying to travel in the air, we hope you get your flights soon and arrive safely (and with your bags).

Having a child has given me a little more "Christmas Spirit" than usual. Not sure if I would call it "jolly" but for some reason I can stomach it all a bit more than recent years. The more kids I see around and the more of our friends' kids I spend time with, the more "Real" it all gets, which I see as a good thing. Makes me wish next Christmas was already here and we can watch our little guy drooling or trying to rip open his gifts under the tree.

The other night we went to see some friends who had a baby girl about a week ago. Holding her at that size and feeling the weight helped me get a feel for our guy (though at his current size in the belly, he will probably not be as small as this little girl was, haha). But watching her move around and make little faces, then wake up crying because of likely hunger, was the closest I've felt to "this is how it will be." That includes the red eyes the father had from lack of sleep, so I'm not delusional!

Last weekend we had an 7.5-hour Birthing Seminar. We could have taken the class split up into more sections but it would have been during the week, making it tougher to attend easily. As much as I've thirsted for knowledge, the class was sort of a let down. From all our reading we knew most of the information (not to brag). The breast-feeding class the week before was more informative, though I was definitely apprehensive going to it (I thought I would be the only guy there; I was not). I guess it's good we went to them, but I think we felt there would be more eye-opening news about what's to come. Maybe we will take some post-birth classes, like baby massage, feeding, bathing, etc.

So, again, thank you for reading my blog so far. I've received great and encouraging comments and can't wait to read more. Have a happy and healthy holiday!

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