Monday, December 8, 2008

Long Time No Blog

Wow, I didn't realize it had been so long since my last post. For the first time in a while, I've been busy at work because my office and computer lab was being consolidated and moved, so my usual ability to blog from work was being used up (imagine that). I/we hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and are feeling healthy and happy during this holiday season.

Our baby boy is doing well, as is momma. She thinks she's the largest pregnant woman ever though I think she looks great and is wearing the pregnancy well. She's definitely not any bigger than a normal pregnant woman should be at this stage, but it's just something she's obviously not used to seeing. It's getting a little hard for her to get around comfortably, and her back bothers her often. Also heartburn has been a bother, as has hip pain from sleeping on her side(s) all the time. But all in all, she's happy and healthy, albeit a bit worried about being able to deliver a baby she perceives as being huge!

I've been continuing my reading and preparing for the big day. I read a baby "Owner's Manual" that a friend gave me at my Boy's BBQ last month. Though the book was written sort of tongue-in-cheek and like a computer manual, it contained a ton of useful information on caring for a new baby, and should come in handy for reference material. I finished reading the book on colic but still pray our baby doesn't get affected by it. Even with all the tips and tricks I learned on relieving colic, it doesn't sound like a fun ride. On a recommendation, I'm now reading Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Baby by Dr. Marc Weissbluth. This book explains how children sleep and gives instructions on recognizing sleep signs and how lack of sleep negatively effects children. I now feel some of the fussiness and crankiness I see in many children may be just due to lack of sleep. Parents like to believe that sleep from a skipped nap or from being kept up later can be made up at night. According to the book that might work once in a while because of a special occasion, but continuing the habits of skipping sleep will only produce an unhappy, overtired child.

I mentioned to my wife one tip from the book that Dr. Weissbluth gave to a client regarding putting the baby to sleep at least an hour before the usual sleep time (around 6:00PM). The child ended up sleeping several hours and was very alert and happy during the day, as well as taking normal naps. While we both agree on the importance of sleep and having a happy, healthy child, we also would be disappointed if we could not spend much quality time with our little guy after work. By the time we both got home from work it would be time to start the sleep routine of feed, bath, massage, then crib, at best. So we will have to see how things work out with him and his sleep habits.

This past weekend began the slate of baby classes we're signed up to attend. I attended the Dad's Birth Support class a couple weeks ago, and on Saturday we both went to a two-hour infant CPR class. The last time I took CPR was at least 20 years ago while in the Boy Scouts. Only a couple details of the process had changed, and I even got "certified." We both agreed that it would be tough to have to perform CPR on our own child. At least now we know the steps to take if a child is choking or has gone unconscious, as difficult as it might be.

Our next classes are regarding breast feeding (which I have to attend, for some reason; I hope I'm not the only guy there) and the big class on the whole birthing process. In a book I was reading last night before bed it was mentioned that many of these classes aren't being completely open about how much pain is involved during birth. I don't know if that's due to our society's reliance on pain drugs, or they just don't want to scare women, which often makes it more difficult to deliver. I know the wife is worried about her pain threshold, but is very open-minded when it comes to the pain drugs. She told her doctor the other day that she would surely listen to recommendations, even if it meant delivering via C-Section (especially in the interest of the baby, of course).

So I guess we're in the home stretch, the 31st week. The nursery is pretty much done and even decorated. We have clothes, diapers, a very large box of wipes, bottles, bibs, onesies and a Manchester United knit hat. We are even 99% sure on a first name (no, we aren't going to tell you, hehe). Mentally I'm prepared, I'm well read, I'm excited. Should I worry? ; )

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Sheryl said...

here's another sleep book to read: "Is my child overtired" by Will Wilkoff. A plug for sure, as he's my sis's partner in her pediatric practice. As for sleep - remember this if nothing's not about YOU! If your little guy needs to start the nighttime routine when you both get home from work, then do it. Lacey and Zelda (now 9mos old) are in bed by 6:30pm each night. IT's a myth that you can put them down later to get them to sleep later in the morning. One thing my sis drilled into my head long ago is "the more sleep they get, the better their sleep". Plus,these stages are short lived overall, and in a few months or so their schedule tweeks and changes. For us, naps happen in their cribs only. No stroller naps, car naps (barring a long trip of course, which is rare), etc. Consistency is the key. HOpe you don't mind the unsolicited advice, take it or leave it of course. You're getting closer - so exciting!