Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Not So Bright

Another "human" who lofted his ignorance onto his poor child, naming his son Adolf Hitler Campbell. In this story he acts incredulous, not sure why people would react negatively to his amazing decision making skills.

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Navi said...

Meh, it could be worse. It's a good name, standing on its own, and the Adolf Hitler of 20th Century History 101 fame was "human", and didn't spend his childhood dreaming about performing a genocidal conquest of Europe. Certainly, this did not factor into his parents' choice of name.

Granted, these parents are trying to create controversy, and it's absurd that they'd deny that. From the story, though, they don't appear to be 'ignorant', just eccentric, and as far as the schoolyard welfare of the children is concerned, the names are much more benign than say, Turok or Melvin.

I don't see the big deal about the cake. Although a request for the actual symbol of Nazi Germany is over the top, a name is a name, and the store should not be worried about offending people (or feel offended) when fulfilling a legitimate customer request, though I could definitely understand skepticism on their part. Still, a denial of named cake sure doesn't help the kid.

The parents seem to want to enforce their own brand of rationality on an irrational world. I hope their children don't come to resent that. I do have to admire the ambition, despite their convoluted and rather silly attempts at it.

I'm sure they're at least marginally successful in their own neighbourhood, even though the media buzz has probably cancelled out the positive effect a thousand fold.