Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The In-Laws

I have been lucky enough/blessed to marry into a very decent group of in-laws. Amazingly, they seem to really like me, even to the point of using the word "love." I enjoy calling my parents-in-law Mom and Dad or Mutti and Pop. They did a swell job with their daughter (my wife) as well as my sister-in-law and the care of the rest of the family. At least once a month I feel my in-laws (sis, parents, uncle/aunt) do some sort of act of kindness that makes me say "wow" yet again. This comes in the shape of a big food spread, picking us up/dropping off from/to the airport, or just plain volunteering themselves for something no sane person would usually care to do. My wife has this crazy affliction in spades. By crazy I mean I am not afflicted, so it must be crazy to care so much about others, ha ha.

After announcing the pregnancy to the family on Sunday, my sister-in-law seemed to take the news the greatest (not that I viewed it as a contest, mind). She was the first to make my wife cry, which seemed to make more women cry, and even might have choked up Pop (I do not cry at happy moments - yet - I smile). During dinner she told us about all the great stuff we could use that she had for our nephew, who is only a bit more than one year old. I guess we timed things pretty well. This stuff includes a car seat, as well as a lot of other baby furniture I am sure is in decent shape and quality. She even said she wouldn't be offended if we didn't like it and donated the goods to the proper agencies.

I was very impressed by the immediacy of her volunteering these goods, and it will be a huge help, of course. Since then she has expressed her excitement about her impending aunt-hood, and gave my wife the "I'll do ANYTHING you need" line. I hope she knows what she may be in for... ; )


Dorky Dad said...

Crying? Really? My in-laws didn't cry. I don't think my father-in-law said a word. He probably thought, "great. My grandson is going to have THOSE GUY'S genes. I'm going to the bar."

Anonymous said...

I appreciate the thought and creativity that you guys put into delivering your news. Sorry it fell short, but for what it's worth, it will be one of those moments in my life that I will remember for the rest of my life. It was like being told I was having another kid. We've been waiting so long for this announcement. I can't wait to watch you two become parents. Auntie M