Friday, July 18, 2008

More Room

Last night was a discussion about what we should maybe register for and what we would need to buy. We don't feel right having our families spending a lot of money on us so I figure we will be shelling out for most of it in the end (though, yeah, we are the parents and it IS our kid). I look forward to being able to style our child in cute clothes and care for it in what I call "Yuppy" baby products. I don't think we'll go overboard and get all the latest gadgets, but some of it might actually be worth it: (

Sort of on topic: I read a good quote yesterday from the Kite Runner, something like "Children aren't coloring books. You don't get to fill them in with your favorite colors." I might revisit that sentiment soon...

More worrying for me is the space we have to work with in our apartment and the furniture (or lack thereof) we have to use or buy. Yes, we have a 2BR apartment where one room is an office, and yes, we have a second bathroom with a tub. BUT, the office has a large computer desk for her and a small desk for me, as well as various other drawers and shelving, blah blah blah. The 2nd bathroom has a great tub but that is being used to hold our dirty clothes "hampers." Anyway, we talked about the serious need of whittling away at our closets and getting rid of much of the excess baggage. There is plenty of room in the place, we just need to use it accordingly.

So, I guess it's time to start investigating all the new baby goodies to put on a registry: the right car seat for our car(s), the lightest stroller, a convertible crib, swaddling items, and many things I hope have directions/manuals/little assembly required. Might even accept some hand-me-downs, especially those yuppy things I keep laughing at our friends for using ; )

BTW, we haven't even started hunting for day care... Should I be nervous?

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