Tuesday, July 22, 2008

To Day Care or not Day Care

This saga will invariably go on for some time, fretting over a day care. After talking to my wife more last night about it (and over the course of the day in IM), I now worry the kid will be neglected in a morass of snotty kids and tired, teen-aged caregivers whose cell phone ringtones will be more important than the kids' crying. I picture walking in for a pick-up and seeing full diapers dragging on the floor while the teen minders' poor thumbs are still furiously picking away the details of their new hair color (in lousy shorthand).

I was assured (somewhat) that these places are mostly reputable and one of the centers she likes was voted one the "best" for the area. Thankfully we have a good family support system in the area to help in emergencies and/or pick-ups. Obviously this will work out and the gentle fact that we can even consider day care in this area should assuage my guilt pangs some. Apparently these places are in business to help care for our child and would be quickly blackballed if they were lacking in their main focus.

On a slightly unrelated side note, the first of MY family to respond to our announcement (via card and copy of the ultrasound) was my sister. After one or two lines of congratualtions, the rest of her e-mail was nothing but bad news. My dad is in rehab, and I can only imagine it's for his bad legs/hip/knee; we have no idea since no one told us. And on top of that, her husband's son has passed away from cancer, leaving a pregnant wife behind.

I'm getting a bit tired of cancer and its indiscrimination. My sister made a subtle hint about the circle of life, but the vulnerability of our body to this disease and its blindness to the good things we do or have in our lives is starting to piss me off.

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